It is wonderful to fall in love, we cannot deny this. But what happens when the relationship has reached a standstill? Some decide to start over and try again, while others choose to look for something new. No matter what your decision is or will be, there are clear signs (which you should not ignore) that things are not going so well between you. It is good to have a clear mind before making such a decision and that is why we are here to help you.

Here are the 10 signs that your relationship has no future

1. You don’t know what your role is in the relationship
If you have felt many times that the person next to you does not give you the attention you deserve and always puts you in second place when he prioritizes his time, it is not good. You feel that you deserve more than one message a day, and the fact that he is always busy is no longer a plausible excuse for you. It’s okay to want more attention. You deserve more than that and if he doesn’t want to accept that, maybe it’s time to move on.

2. You feel used
Does he only call you when he needs something or do you notice that he is only exemplary when he is going to ask you for a favor? Without discussion, that’s not OK. No one deserves to be used, and the fact that you love him or loves you is not an excuse or a reason to always see only his interest in you.

3. Your friends have already warned you
Parents and best friends have a sixth sense when it comes to the lovers you choose. If everyone around you tells you that this person is toxic to you, you might want to step back and look at the big picture. Ignore the fact that you are madly in love and pay attention to the actions that make you feel uncomfortable.

4. You haven’t met his parents yet
After a longer relationship of, say, six months, it already becomes a little strange not to know his friends or especially his family. If he uses the same scratched board as if he’s not ready yet or wants to take things slow, you should say goodbye to him, for good. You want more from him than an excuse, the same excuse… always.

5. Only you fight for yourself
You’ve heard, “I want you to fight for me.” I want you to prove to me that you love me. ‘? It’s in vain and you know it too. He wants you to be there 24/7 for him, but when it comes time to ask him for something, you’re selfish, aren’t you? This is the definition of a toxic person. Say goodbye and run away from this energy eater. He will look for you again and again to remind you what a “horrible” person you are, so don’t give in.

6. Avoid any commitment to you
Maybe this behavior is understandable at first, but if years have passed and they still tremble at the mere mention of moving in together or marriage, he is not a trustworthy person. How long will it last like this? If after such a long time it is still not safe for you as a couple, it is time to have a serious discussion from which to decide whether or not it makes sense to spend time together.

7. The connection between you is more physical
Another worrying sign, especially if you have previously decided that you are not just ‘friends with benefits’. If you want more from a relationship than sex, and he doesn’t want to take any risks yet, maybe you should give someone else a chance to conquer you. You deserve to be loved for who you are as a person and you will find this love, but probably not with him.

8. You have different expectations from life
You want a family, he wants to stay a bachelor until he’s 50. You want to build a house, he wants to invest in travel. You want a dog, and he’s allergic to animals. You got the idea. Although the opposite poles are initially attracted, after a while you will realize that you are too different for the relationship to work, and that is ok. You both deserve someone to share the same goals with, so an amicable breakup is the best option.

9. Talk a lot, do a little
Maybe he says what you want to hear, but he also takes the necessary actions to prove that he deserves you? Words in the wind will tell you a lot, but the real difference will be made by the person who will really do everything he promised. It’s not worth wasting your time with a man who isn’t serious and doesn’t pay attention to you.

10. Today you are together, tomorrow you are not
Such an unstable relationship, especially if it lasts a long time, is very toxic. If it disappears from your life for a long time and then comes back as if nothing had happened and it probably still upsets you that you don’t understand… it’s time to end this relationship. You’re just a game to him. He wants you to be dependent on his person and he will make you think at all costs that you have gone crazy, because everything is obviously ‘okay’.

You deserve more than that. It’s hard to make a final decision, but it’s definitely for your own good. Focus on yourself. Let love appear in your life, don’t look for it desperately, and happiness will not hesitate to appear!

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