Find out the 3 simple things that harm love!

You love him, you are a couple and things seem to be fine. The rules according to which a couple works are many, the waves are always valid, others are valid only for some. These three simple things that can upset the stability of a couple and that seriously damage love are the ones that happen most often. Apparently they start from the best intentions, in fact they can seriously damage the relationship and end up suffocating and ruining it…

Text him… all day!
You like to know every hour, minute, second where he is and what he does, but be careful: the SMS sent constantly depersonalize relationships. Although the occasional “I’m thinking of you” is nice, a few minutes phone is much more pleasant and personal than 20 messages, whatever form they take. Manage your starts, let a little tension build up, answer him if he sends you a message, but don’t exaggerate. At the beginning of the relationship when passion burns, it’s harder, but it’s very healthy to show that love is not a drug for you and that your life does not depend on that of your partner. This is one of the 3 simple things that harm love

Sleeping at different times
In the evening, you are tired, and he plans to spend another two hours at the computer or at the game with the boys, you go to bed and go to bed. This asynchronization will affect the connection between you over time. It is a clear sign that you cannot live after the same schedule. Complications do not occur immediately, but if it becomes a habit it is very harmful. An adjustment of the program that will allow you to live as a couple – with a common program, is necessary and mandatory, but both partners must contribute to achieving this goal!

Permanent suffocation
After a long day, you are very happy when you meet. It’s completely normal, but you have to give him a few minutes to relax and enjoy coming home. Jumping on it as soon as you walk in the door is a good idea, if you don’t do it every time. Otherwise, you risk taking him away from you for the whole evening. It is the same as in the situation with 1000 SMS / messages or phones, every day. A little distance means more tension, a little independence – reciprocal – means a little more desire. Love must breathe, it needs air, so don’t suffocate it… because you will count one of the 3 simple things that harm love.

3 simple things that harm love