There are many myths about what men want. The difference from reality is a little bigger than you imagine. Here are the top 5 things men want.

1. Female personality
Men love women who take care of themselves. But she prefers normal women, dressed naturally without shocking excesses. Men rely a lot on what they see, so the first impression is fundamental to them. A sexy woman, a woman with personality does not mean a woman after the Barbie model, but a woman who looks fresh, neat and especially, normal. In other words, it doesn’t take a lot of exposed skin to attract attention.

2. Natural beauty
Men have an aversion to women who have two blush fingers on their face from morning to evening. Don’t get me wrong! Men love well-groomed women and those who know how to use the benefits of makeup correctly, but do not want to wake up in the morning with a woman wearing makeup and love the moments when what they see is the natural shape of the woman. In other words, between a trinket and a woman in the flesh, they will choose the real woman.

3. Power.
There is no man in this world who does not admire a strong woman. I’m not talking about muscles, I’m talking about the power to move things forward. An ambitious, determined, fair and determined woman has infinitely more to gain than a fragile, delicate and powerless woman. A man looks for a woman who is with him, a partner, a support and an ally.

4. Men love women who know how to cook.
If you understand that they are urging you to go to the kitchen, you are wrong. Men feel really pampered when the woman they love does honorably in the kitchen. It is probably an ancestral trait preserved in men’s DNA that still works. Make him cakes and pamper him from time to time with food made by you. For men, love passes through the stomach, and the principle is still valid.

5. Independent
Men prefer women who are emotionally and financially independent. Just as women wanted to emancipate themselves and be equal partners with men, they were tired of the position of “head of the family.” A real man will admire and cherish at all times women who are able to cope with complicated situations and who can manage on their own. This does not minimize the partnership in a couple.
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5 things men want