1. Be confident

Being confident is very important. There is nothing worse than a man who wants to hide his shyness behind money. Although at first women may be surprised by male shyness (in a good way), it has long been proven that women want confident men. Think about it, which woman likes to constantly push a man from behind, to always convince him to take the first step? Most likely, none. Rather, women prefer men who can lead them. They can have a conversation, ask questions and are not afraid to express their opinion.

Men who are not afraid to stand out, standing up straight, enjoying the society around them and sharing smiles in all directions, make a much better first impression. Those who squat in a corner, trying not to be noticed, have no chance.

Believe it or not, a woman will feel if you are confident or just a bundle of nerves and complexes looking for a woman to overwhelm her with her daily problems.

But be careful not to overdo it with self-confidence. Be yourself, but don’t try to be the center of attention at all costs. Similarly, do not try to show a woman that you are the kind of omniscient man. Maybe it’s nice that you’ve traveled around the world three times and met women of all nationalities, but you won’t make a lasting impression on her. If you try to impress her with this throughout the evening, you won’t hear from her the next day.

Being self-confident does not mean complimenting after complimenting. No woman likes the banal compliment you tell her about her beautiful hair or eyes. So refrain from this chapter, but don’t completely avoid it. Try to be original and adapt the compliment to the situation.

2. Pay attention to your appearance

This is the second important point. Women admire men who can dress nicely and tastefully. They also like it when a man smells nice. As for the accessories of your outfit, women most often notice the watch and shoes. Watches should be an important part of every man. They often tell us what a man’s taste is. Obviously, you will not dazzle a woman with cheap plastic watches of common clothing brands or maybe children of expensive brands. Men’s watches should reflect how authentic wearers are and how much they enjoy originality, whether they are more practical or extravagant, whether they follow current trends or not at all.

You don’t have to buy an extremely expensive watch, even cheaper watches can attract attention and express your personality and fulfill your purpose. Nowadays, men often wear watches on both their right and left hands. But you should be able to justify why you wear two watches. But never start telling a woman how expensive a watch is. The price is certainly not important, but the story is.

The same applies to perfume. Men’s perfume creates an overall impression, so make sure you choose the right one. First of all, the scent should be felt throughout the day. There is nothing more sensual than an arranged, pleasant-smelling man. But if you have an event in the evening, after a day at work or at business meetings, the scent (or eau de toilette) does not always persist until then. Therefore, bet on quality. Quality perfumes will definitely last throughout the day. Find your favorite brand and stick to it. But how do you know which perfume is best for you? Once a woman tells you that she smells nice, it’s true. At that moment you will know that you are wearing the right perfume. Men’s perfumes are the alpha and omega of the masculine personality, and one that truly represents you is not found in a regular store.

In addition to watches and perfumes, of course, the clothes and shoes you wear are also important. Toes, blunt soles or mud will not attract any women and, if so, will not have a positive impact. You may be surprised how often women decide whether to start talking to a man or just ignore him based on his shoes. They also look to see if the shoes match the rest of the clothes. If you wear sports shoes to your formal suit, the outfit will certainly not be appreciated. On the other hand, if you work in an environment where formal clothes are not necessary, you can try to impress with shoes or other more extravagant clothing. However, if you decide to put on a shirt, it should always be perfectly ironed, and your pants and shoes should also be perfect.

If you are not able to use a good quality deodorant, then you can take it easy, even if it is too late, and if you want to get rid of it, it will not be drunk. To žena určitě uvítá víc, než trapné ticho nebo nic neříkající omluvu.

3. Show interest

Asking something and not listening to what the other person answers is a fundamental mistake. If you ask a question, you are supposed to be interested. Otherwise, it is not necessary to ask the question. If you ask two or three times and the woman answers you, she expects interaction. If this does not happen, they may think that you are asking the question simply to avoid silence or just to give the impression that you are interested in it. Because you remain indifferent to the answers, she will think that your mind is elsewhere. And if a woman comes to such conclusions, you are on the verge of failure.

4. Be gallant

It is certainly not an old-fashioned way to show affection for women. Women love gallant men. You know why? Because there are fewer and fewer. Open the door for her, if necessary. Hold her coat while she gets dressed, let her out of the restaurant first. Go down the stairs first, but go after her when they go up. Ask her if she is missing something, if she is hungry, thirsty or cold. Again, however, there is a rule – all in moderation. You don’t have to ask every ten minutes. This extreme is even less pleasing to women than non-gallant men. However, you can’t go wrong if you ask any of the above questions from time to time.

5. Think about body language

Let’s go back to points one and two. Being confident and paying attention to your appearance is also related to body language. Low self-esteem is occasionally reflected by hidden hands in the pocket, scratching of the head, squatting or wiping of the nose. You can do these movements without paying much attention to them, but women will notice them. Similarly, your appearance, although it includes a very suitable suit and an expensive watch, can be ruined if you continue to play with the watch (do you do it on a nervous system or because you want the woman to notice the watch? Both options are wrong). Even twisting a tie is not a good tactic to charm a woman.

Please pay attention to these details as well. Try to think about the way you express yourself. But don’t focus too much on that. Even stiffness can hurt. Just be natural.

5 tips on how to conquer a woman