Here are 6 examples of messages you should never send to your partner, according to

1. “Teddy bear, kitten, jam, etc.”
Your boyfriend or husband wants to feel like a man and expects a proper attitude towards himself. Such diminutives will annoy him. Especially if it is repeated too often.

2. “I’m going to a party, don’t write to me, I’ll be busy.”
Would you be happy to read such a message? And what thoughts would provoke you? I don’t think this attitude will please anyone. Sooner or later, such a message will irritate him.

3. “You’re so boring and annoying!”
Criticism from your loved one, especially thrown into the net, sounds like a slap in the face. They may be well deserved, but you need to speak face to face to explain the reason for this statement.

4. “If you don’t answer me right now, we’ll break up!”
It is unreasonable to threaten to break off the relationship because of such a trifle. Maybe he’s busy with something important or he hasn’t heard the message. Such a threat could turn against its perpetrator.

5. “Do you love me very much?”
Don’t be upset if the man “lights up” because of this message. Such questions only annoy men.

6. “Why don’t you answer me?”
There can be many reasons. In addition, each of us wants to be alone with our thoughts. If you bombard him with messages right now and even come pretentious, you risk irritating him.

6 kind of messages you should never send to your boyfriend, husband, partner