There are some points by which we can distinguish true love from fleeting passion

LOVE You want to share everything with the other; you are attentive to his needs, to his desires and aspirations; love is associated with self-esteem and the other, responsibility and fidelity; “to give”, “to give”.
PASSION Concern for meeting one’s own needs and interests; passion without love is associated with the idea of ​​pursuing one’s own interest; “to take”, “to receive”.

LOVE The idyll begins slowly and gives enough time for the feelings to form; the relationship is a lasting one.
PASSION The idyll begins suddenly, and the relationship is short-lived; once the desires are satisfied, the attraction moderates and disappears.

LOVE You are especially attracted to the person’s personality and soul qualities.
PASSION You are deeply attracted to the person’s appearance, you are especially interested in his appearance.

LOVE You see the other realistically, with qualities and flaws.
PASSION You are unrealistic, the other person seems perfect and you minimize his defects, even the serious ones.

LOVE Misunderstandings are resolved through communication; there is an interest in knowing the other’s point of view and taking into account his opinion.
PASSION Conflicts often, but never fully resolved; the problem persists and deepens.

LOVE Sexuality is important, but it is not the only pole of the relationship; you feel that you are on the same wavelength as the other and in terms of ideas, feelings; share the same value system.
PASSION Sexuality plays a major role, it is the main pole of the relationship.

LOVE Respect and consideration for the other.
PASSION Lack of respect for others; ignoring the other’s problems.

LOVE Gives you the feeling of security, stability, you feel protected, confident; relationship control depends on both, but you feel that you also play a major role.
PASSION Gives you a feeling of insecurity, instability, mistrust; you are afraid that things may take an unexpected turn quickly; the other appears unpredictable, capricious to you; you feel that you have no control over the relationship.

LOVE When you make a decision you think first of the other’s good and you are capable of giving up and sacrificing.
PASSION When it comes to making a decision, you think first of yourself, of your own physical, mental and emotional comfort.

LOVE Gives freedom of movement to the other because it is based on trust.
PASSION She is captivating and possessive because she is crushed by distrust.

LOVE The two act as a team, complementing each other, and most often reach a consensus quickly.
PASSION The two are in a permanent competition “which on which.”

LOVE It has a beneficial effect on you, it makes you a better and wiser person, it helps you to evolve spiritually.
PASSION It has a destructive and devastating effect; it can upset your whole life, your plans for the future; it can alter your relationships with other people (friends, family).

In essence, passion is the chemistry of bodies (but that does not mean that it does not include intensely lived emotions), while love involves the soul, it is the alchemy of deep, lasting feelings. Passion is a dazzling sparkle of the moment, while love illuminates your whole life.

Distinctions between love and passion