Tell me who you’re with, so I can tell you who you are, says an old proverb. The way you choose your friends reveals a lot about you, but also about them.

It is said that friends are the people you are connected to through a special affection, they have the same tastes as yours, they resonate at the same values, they understand you in everything you do, and when needed, you can trust them.

It’s up to you to be surrounded by real friends or inappropriate friends. The former give you, the latter take you from the measure of the man you are. Do you know how to choose them? This is how those who deserve to be preferred to accompany you on the path of life should be!

They are always in a good mood, they always have something positive to say. If you don’t have a good day, they will try to make you see the full side of the glass. So, if you don’t want to be skeptical, surround yourself with optimists! And avoid as much as possible the company of pessimists, who only complain, keep you informed of everything that is going wrong in the world, which certainly causes you negative emotions that, in turn, exhaust you, the enthusiasm decreases and, in the end, they make you pessimistic too. What good is seeing only the empty part of the glass?

Only with a smart friend you have interesting discussions, only he will give you the right advice when you need it. Of course, the less intelligent could make you feel proud to be more intellectually gifted than they are, and that increases your self-confidence. But don’t forget that sooner or later, stupidity starts to get annoying. In addition, it is unpleasant that such a person cannot be of any use. Whatever you tell her or try to teach her, whatever she knows she will do.

Of course, you can have a good friend at heart, generous, only he lets himself be carried away by the wave, he has no initiative and no purpose in life. Look for enthusiastic people who are always preoccupied with setting a goal and doing everything they can to achieve it! They will help you to do the same, to set goals and try to reach them, to enjoy the dreams fulfilled. Those who want to achieve a lot can inspire you. If you have such individuals around, you are lucky. After talking to them, it seems like you feel like moving the mountains and you really think you are able to do it, you forget about your failures, you look to the future with confidence. Seek the company of those who have many ideas and goals, even if they seem unfeasible!

With a healthy lifestyle
It has been shown that friendship has a direct influence on lifestyle. Even body weight. It’s very important where you usually see your friends: at a gym, in the park, at a fast food restaurant or at a confectionery. All this will influence your lifestyle and everything it entails, including weight gain or not. So, the best ones as friends are followers of an active lifestyle, because they could attract you in one activity or another even if you don’t think you would like it. In time, it is very possible that you will realize that you were wrong.

Able to keep a secret
Because of a divulged secret, families broke up, jobs were lost, relationships broke down. Keep those who don’t know how to keep a secret away! Otherwise, you will have to weigh each word before you say it. And even so, you are not really safe, because any word can be interpreted and transmitted to others with a completely different meaning. What do you need a friend you can’t talk to openly, in whose company you can’t relax for a moment?

Avoid those who lack a sense of humor! Besides the fact that I’m not a very pleasant company, it could take a long time for you to resent an innocent joke for which it would take a long time to pay you one day. Hard to guess exactly.

Stay away from gossipers…
Why should a mischievous friend, who fills your head with her resentments towards those close to you, always talk to you about misunderstandings with colleagues and distrust of friends? What good is it to burden your mind with the problems and twists and turns of others? You can always find something more enjoyable or useful to do than talk about others. Then, a decent and wise man will never stop gossiping with those close to him, nor with friends or colleagues, knowing that this means disrespect for others. And don’t forget: whoever gossips in front of you speaks ill of you too!

… And grabbers!
There are those who do not stop from surrounding themselves with many goods. And so. It is much more interesting to talk to people who are not only interested in the material part of existence. Only those who, in addition to the material benefits (without them one cannot survive), are concerned with the spiritual side of life can be considered interesting. With a much broader horizon, whatever they talk about, they look at events in depth and teach you to do the same. Do not rush to contradict them, even if you do not agree with everything he says. Be patient, show interest in what I say and listen to them! You may end up looking at life from a different perspective. Over time, maybe even your own existence.

Look at life as a road along which you are accompanied! With some it is worth spending more time, the trip being interesting, captivating and full of lessons, but for others it is good to part quickly, so as not to waste time and not to waste your energy in vain.

How do you choose your friends ?