Science can help you in almost any situation. Even when it comes to ideas to help you increase your chances when trying to conquer a girl. Below are some tips from researchers that will help you conquer it.

Give up the mundane lines of hanging
There are at least two studies that say that hanging replicas used over and over again are no longer successful. In one study, 90% of women say they don’t give a chance to men who use recycled replicas. Also, 65% of women say that they are captivated by direct remarks such as “Hello! I haven’t been here before, what’s the best beer? ” Such remarks will give him the feeling that you trust him and that you are relaxed.

Watch your body language
The brain takes it before us, as usual. Scientists say we decide if the person in front of us is attractive in less than 4 minutes. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you react and how you hold your hands, for example. Studies show that keeping your back straight and your front facing the person you are interested in will make it clear to the person in front of you that you are interested. It may come as no surprise that most women are upset if they sit idly by or spend time on Facebook. Researchers also say that women are suspicious of men who do not keep their hands in sight.

Leave your beard
Facial hair indicates masculinity, physical strength and health, according to scientists. According to studies, the beard is equivalent, for women, to above average sexual functions. Moreover, Australian researchers say that the 10-day beard is the most attractive.

Have dinner together
Even if it is a pizza, women perceive, on a biological level (subconsciously), that the men who offer them food would be able to support a future family, which is why they seem more attractive.

Don’t be impatient
Don’t start flirting 3 minutes after you meet. Apparently, women don’t like desperate men, finding them unattractive. Not only is it unattractive but it also destroys the pleasure of the conquest process, scientists say.

Be careful with the clothes you wear
Avoid wearing the clothes you wore the other day. Even if they look wearable, choose a clean T-shirt for the meeting. Studies show that women are much more sensitive to odors. So, wear clean clothes and use deodorant.

He’s wearing red
Red is the symbol of sexual desire, so it is not surprising that women are attracted to men who wear this color. Also, red indicates dominance, men dressed in this color being perceived as successful.

Make a good picture
There are several studies that say that men who are richer are more attractive in the eyes of women even if they do not look perfect. One possible explanation, the researchers say, is that women are subconsciously looking for a partner to ensure the stability needed to start a family.

Adopt a mature style
Psychologists say that women prefer mature men. Even women with an above average income seem to prefer mature men, but for them physical appearance matters more. Researchers say that strong, mature men with a successful career are more attractive because they can ensure the stability of a home.

Go to the gym
A 2020 study found that women are much more attracted, at least in the short term, to men who have muscles. It seems that muscular men give women indications that they have the right genes to ensure the perpetuation of the species. The same study also said that men who go to the gym but do not have big muscles are more viable, in the eyes of women, for long-term relationships.

Be a nice person
One of the most interesting discoveries in psychology, the halo effect, says that people are prone to generalize a characteristic of a person to his entire personality. However, the halo effect can also have benefits, especially when it comes to meetings. A 2014 study found that people who had positive personality traits (e.g., kind or honest) were considered much more attractive than a person with negative traits (e.g., mischievous or vengeful).

Talk about how you feel
Contrary to many people’s beliefs, men should be cold, and women are more likely to be attracted to men who talk about what they think, feel, or want from life. In fact, women want not only a man who is able to talk about his vulnerabilities but also to be emotionally stable. Apparently, this feature makes them ideal for a long-term relationship.

Tell him a joke
If you have a sense of humor, don’t forget to value it, women love a joking man, according to researchers. They say that jokes give women an idea of ​​the intelligence and sociability of the person in front of them.

Be passionate about a musical instrument
A 2019 study found that men who own a musical instrument. The experiment involved comparing the attractiveness of a man carrying a sports bag with one playing the guitar. The man with the guitar was considered the most attractive by the women involved in the study.

The next time you want to conquer a girl, you will have at your disposal not only your personal charm but also the scientists on your side. Choose one or more of the tips above and you will only win.

How to conquer a girl – the most useful tips