Friends are always by your side when you need them, they support you, they encourage you and they always wish you well. But there is another type of friend you should beware of. They are not always easy to recognize, but there are a few ways you can identify them.

Pseudo-friends pretend to be your friends to take advantage of your connection. They use you when they need you, but they are never available when you need them, they are envious of your successes, they do not respect your personal space and they are practically undercover impostors. Here are some signs that you have the wrong people with you!

1. True friends will want to celebrate a success of yours together, while toxic friends will always be envious of your achievements.

2. Trusted friends know the importance of personal time, while false friends will always try to take up a lot of your time.

3. True friends call you for the simple fact that they miss you, but hypocrites will seek you out when they need your help.

4. Real friends know that everyone has different types of friends and doesn’t judge you for that, while toxic friends won’t like your other friends.

5. True friends empathize with you, and those you have to stay away from will hurt you with their words and deeds.

6. Sincere friends will accept you as you are, and false ones will try to control you and change you.

7. True friends enjoy the meetings in which you simply talk, while malevolent friends will always try to gain something from your encounters.

8. True friends respect and respect themselves, but the wrong ones easily lose their temper.

How to differentiate true friends from “toxic” ones