This is how you imagine the man with whom you dream to unite your destiny… You have long passed sincethe stage of a stable relationship and you are naturally waiting for the marriage proposal to follow. And he is silent! Didn’t you hit a convinced bachelor? The case is difficult, although there are hopes.

He is over 30 years old, he looks good, he is educated, well-mannered, with a good financial situation, independent… A man who exudes a special force, is the kind that women like so much! A flock of attractive young women always revolves around him, but you are the one he has chosen. Even this thought makes you shudder and be extremely proud!

When you got to know this “treasure” better, you were not disappointed at all. One thought does not give you peace: why has he not married so far? And, by all appearances, she doesn’t even make marriage plans for the near future. that he has no problem! And the fact that sometimes he forgets about a meeting, that he stays up late at work, that he disappears without announcing that he has to leave the locality urgently… What to do with him, that’s how he is, that’s how he got used to it and you don’t have much to change it.

Stop! Apparently, without realizing it, you guessed his essence as a “lone wolf.” You had to prick up your ears and, listening to your conservation instinct, move away from it as much as possible. But you did not, so now you will have to study in detail the characteristics of this species and look for ways to “domesticate” it.

Species characteristics

So, pattern number 1: Casanova. He stands out with a refined taste (every beautiful girl he meets is rewarded with a look), he is a master of compliments, he has a special sense of humor, he is spiritual and always in the center of attention.

Would you like to become the partner of such a copy? Then come up with a “conquest plan”! For starters, don’t rush to reduce the distance, and if this has already happened, move away abruptly. Smile from time to time with thoughts only known to you, hurry somewhere all the time, sneak past him, always leaving behind a wave of mystery… Needless to say that any negligence in the way you look will be unforgivable!

Your hero imagines that he knows everything about women, but look that he has met one (you!) Who seems intangible… It is this enigmatic character that attracts Casanova to such an extent that he is willing to stay with you for a long time. Think carefully about whether you would like to play this role all your life.

Quality standard

Do you have doubts? Then maybe pattern number 2 suits you better: meet Narcissus! Beautiful as a god, always freshly shaved, elegantly and modernly dressed. She loves to admire herself in shop windows and, as if by chance, she displays her “exclusive” watch or car keys.

More than likely you have in front of you a real perfectionist, who is willing to accept only a partner who deserves it. But you will have to charm his entire entourage to convince him that he will not find someone better than you. Hearing the countless words of admiration for his wonderful friend, he will understand that he has found his partner.

Protective force

Or maybe you’d like to hide behind the broad shoulders of the silent Cowboy, who is the number 3 pattern? He displays endless calm, next to him you are not afraid of anything… But, what bad luck !, for him independence is more important than the comfort of home. Changing your habits, adapting to your moods is too difficult a task.

He can only be touched by a nice, helpless young woman who needs a man who can protect her. Don’t even think about sharing your grandiose career plans or telling him that you are climbing! It is important that he feels the strongest.

Free as a bird in the sky

Let’s also see pattern number 4: The Traveler, the Eternal Wanderer. He is ascetic in nature, is content with little and does not need excessive care. You rarely find him at home, he’s not fit at all. The idea of ​​a settled existence, any allusion to a sedentary life, frightens him.

Do you want to become an eternal Penelope waiting for Odysseus? Let your boyfriend go to work and don’t bother with the phones so you know where he is. Sooner or later, he will certainly return to the “port” from which he left, and it is possible that, in time, he will settle somewhere. And why wouldn’t you be the one to feel at home next to?

“I want my mother!”

Otherwise it is the case with the man who stubbornly refuses to mature. Pattern number 5: Mother’s boy. Neat, nourished, always with ironed shirts. He makes the impression of a housewife and you would think that with him you will not have any problems in your daily existence. But everything goes well until the moment when his mother appears in his visual range.

From that moment you lost your hero. He’s ready to run to his mother on every phone call. He feels comfortable and well fed next to his mother and does not understand why he has to change something. If you have decided to take the place next to this infant, prepare for a life in three: you, him and his mother.

This important woman will ensure the hyper-protection of both: she will cook for “her children” (and you automatically fall into this category) “healthy soups”, will buy tickets to the theater, will take over your child’s education… There is only one solution: to comfort yourself with the idea. Or become a “mother” for your partner – that is, caring, understanding, attentive. Are you ready for such an attitude worthy of a heroine? Then, courage!

Statistics say that single people live less than married men… Which means they have to be saved! Especially since the list of these free men is impressive!

Researchers have found untested reserves of testosterone in the “deposits” of unmarried men – the level of this hormone is, in their case, much higher than that of those who have started a family. In an experiment performed on birds, the researchers artificially increased the level of the “male” hormone – the man immediately took flight to freedom, leaving his winged girlfriend. So it seems that nature knows what to do: in family men the level of testosterone… decreases. Does she make sure they stay true to their partners and don’t do nonsense?

Many famous men have never been married. Among them are Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Boccaccio, Raphael, Voltaire, Lewis Caroll, Gogol. Michelangelo remained a virgin until the age of 60, and Newton died without knowing the women… Balzac married a few months before his death. Tchaikovsky’s marriage lasted… 19 days!

And among the coveted parties of our time are Hugh Grant, Owen Wilson, Orlando Bloom, John Mayer. They have to be saved, don’t they?

How to tame a “lone wolf”