Sheltering a group of islands (Pano Koufonissi, Kato Koufonissi and mount island Keros) under its name, Kaufonisia is about to became a popular destination among lovers of quiet and tranquility travel.
It is also known as the Mykonos of the small Ciclades due to its fantastic beaches and numerous tracing routes suitable for walk or bcicle trips.
Among the two islands, only Pano Koufonissi is inhabited, this one being also gifted with all the necessary facilities for a relaxing holiday.
Kato Koufoniss is not inhabited and is the ideal destination for a day trip from Pano Kaufonissi.
Besides the two main slands, there is also Keros, a travel unfriendly mountain island, remarcable for its rocky slopes.

Koufonisia Island Pano is a tiny exotic paradise in terms of beaches and places for swimming. In port there are boat races towards several beaches such as Finikas, Harakopou and Fano, or Pores, Italida. You can also visit Karnagio Bay (name given to the nearby restaurant) in the south, or Parianos Gulf in the south-west, where countless fishery boats acosated to shore create a truly idyllic landscape.

Chora, the island’s capital is the only village on the island of Koufonissi where you find rental rooms, taverns and a few heraldic souvenir shops and antiques.

Koufonisia, The Lost Greek Island