Love is a rather complex phenomenon. It springs from within us and largely reflects our attitude towards ourselves. It is not in vain that it is said: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But love is often confused with other feelings. Psychologists highlight some pitfalls of love (when the person thinks he loves, but in fact it is not about love).

• The trap of the inferiority complex. The individual who doesn’t really trust
herself and fails in her relationship with others tends to consider that what she feels for the person who shows care and attention to her is love, but in fact it is more about gratitude than love.

• The trap of compassion. In this trap are most often found people who tend to protect, to protect the weakest.

• Sexual comfort. I find in this trap the people who consider that
sexual harmony is the main determinant of the relationship. But not always
sexual harmony also means love.

• Affinity of interests. Sometimes common, similar interests, especially in
the important spheres of life are taken as love.

Misperceptions of love