There is no magic formula for maintaining a relationship. Many give their opinion, but every relationship is different.

From a long list these 7 sins prove to be the most dangerous and can end up destroying any relationship that seems solid.

1-Resentment is the poison that kills slowly but surely. It starts with “you didn’t wash the plate after you ate” and “again, you didn’t put a new roll in the bathroom” and it becomes like a snowball thrown down the valley, getting bigger and bigger. What should you do? Accept your partner with all his flaws or find a compromise solution that works for both of you.

2-Jealousy is a poison that acts immediately. Nobody wants to be jealous, but it happens. Then control begins and continues with quarrels and fights that make both partners unhappy. If you are a jealous person, talk about your feelings. Usually jealousy is based on insecurity. Maybe you felt abandoned by your parents or an older relationship left deep wounds.

3-Unrealistic expectations are the sure death of any relationship. It is good to have expectations from your partner, for example to expect him to be faithful, but it is not ok if we have misplaced expectations, the man next to us is not perfect. If you feel that you have such expectations, take a step back and rethink the problem.

4-Lack of time is a problem that occurs especially in couples who already have children. Couples who don’t spend time together will break up. Make time! A dinner, a movie together means a reconnection to your partner.

5-Lack of communication is one of the most serious sins. Good communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Are you happy? Communicate? You’re sad? Communicate. You are angry? Communicate. Problems do not disappear if we pretend not to see and communicate about them.

6-Lack of appreciation. Everyone wants to be appreciated by those around them. Beautiful and good things need to be highlighted. A kiss and a thank you are worth more than you think.

7-The lack of affection leads to a platonic relationship. Wake him up with an intense kiss, hug your wife when you come home from work, catch him with a kiss on the neck, take her by the hand while watching the movie, etc.

The 7 deadly sins of a relationship