These pitfalls, spread among young people often lead to the formation of false beliefs about romantic love

  1. The myth “True love overcomes all things.”

Reality. There are partners who believe that the love they have for each other will help them overcome any obstacle. No circumstance or conflict will resist him (“he looks at other girls”, “he teases me”, “he is an alcoholic”, “he doesn’t listen to me”). Such partners tend to minimize the magnitude of the problem and avoid looking for real solutions. But it is not enough for a man to be loved to change. He needs to want to change.

  1. The myth “True love is recognized at the first meeting”.

Reality. It is possible to recognize something special in the other from the beginning, because deep love develops over time. True love is built with
patience, effort, intelligence, responsible commitment. It takes time for to discover the inner universe of the other.

  1. The myth “There is one person and only one for you”.

Reality. The belief in the twin souls, which is spoken of in the writings of astrology or certain philosophical-spiritual currents, limits the person of the possibility to search for the most compatible person, suitable for her.

  1. The myth “The perfect partner will satisfy all your needs”.

Reality. It’s true, when we love we develop attention and sensitivity special to the partner. But neither partner knows for sure what the other wants. It is important to communicate his needs, our expectations.

  1. The myth “If there is a sexual attraction, then there is a great love.”

Reality. Love involves sexual attraction, but it is not limited to it.

The myths of love