Stockholm is one of the most appreciated city break destinations in Europe. A pre-conceived opinion is that Stockholm is an expensive holliday destination, which is not true. Here are what tourist attractions to visit in Stockholm and what activities to choose to fill your time without emptying your piggy bank!

Visit the Royal Palace in Stockholm

One of the largest palaces in Europe, the Royal Palace in Stockholm is the official residence of the King of Sweden. But the palace is open to the public for visits, and tourists can admire up to 600 rooms, 5 museums, numerous antiques and Treasury chambers. Outside the palace, history enthusiasts can see the royal carriages used at the Coronation and parades, and if they are there at the right time, even the guard changing.

The price of a visit to the Royal Palace in Stockholm is about 15 euros, and that includes visiting the museums also.

Live the Swedish culinary experience in the Sodermalm

District of Sodermalm is described as exuberant, full of personality, youth and creative spirit. Here you will find the nicest restaurants that carry the feeling of “home”, extremely artistic d├ęcor, or numerous bistro restaurants with exquisite specialties and unique concepts.

For a relaxing urban atmosphere you can go to the Barbro Bistro, for a delicious vegetarian menu at Hermans, for food cooked in traditional Swedesh manner you can go to Pelikan restaurant, for a fabulous experience you can go to Nook and to enjoy food in a typical Swedish atmosphere you can go to Woodstockholm or Nytorget Urban Deli.

Visit the Maritime Museum in Stockholm

The Maritime Museum of Stockholm is the place where you can explore both the present and the nautical past of Sweden. The museum hosts exhibitions with almost 900.0000 photos, 50,000 objects and 45,000 drawings and sketches, all related to sea, boats, ships, navigation.

The collection of boats and ships hosted by the museum is quite impressive, some of the models included are even of the 18th century. The ships are from all kinds: transport, trade, war, and the details on them carry you in another world, on the waters.

The entrance to the Stockholm Maritime Museum is free of charge.

Let yourself bewitched by history at the Medieval Museum in Stockholm

The Medieval Museum of Stockholm is a place where you will be able to find out everything about the daily life of the inhabitants of this city from ancient times until modern days. To find out about the lives of Scandinavian in such a visual way is both enjoyable and efficient and the information you receive always remains with you. Apart from the landscaped scenes, the museum has in its exhibition an old piece of the wall of the Stockholm fortress, preserved from 1520.

The entrance to the Medieval Museum in Stockholm is free of charge.

Visit Stockholm City Hall

City Hall in Stockholm is the representative silhouette of the city skyline. Built from 8 million bricks and 106 meters high, the building with magnificent facades is open for visits despite the fact that it is used for admimistrative purposes. This is where the local council and politicians gathers, and is also the place where the banquet after the ceremony of the Nobel prize is kept.

From the top of the building tower, the scenery is unbelievable. The city shows its shape and colours, surrounded by the blue of the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm City Hall can br visited in organized tours, guided daily, in a preset time interval. In some days, however, it is possible that due to official situations these tours to be cancelled.

The ticket price for the Stockholm City Hall is about 7 euros.

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