Have you ever wondered what kind of couple you and your partner form? You know very well how you will understand, but how do those around you perceive you? If you want to know, take your test!

1. Use to send romantic messages?

Yes, every day.
No, never.

2. When you’re in public do you show your love?

Yes, it is natural for you.
It depends on where you are.
Don’t get too excited about hugs.

3. Do you get along well with your mutual friends?

Yes very good.
With some of them you get along better, with others less well.

4. Do you sometimes say things at a glance?

Yes, every time.
It depends on what you mean.
No, you do not communicate by signs.

5. Do you fully trust each other?

Yes, absolutely.
Depends on situation.
No, there are situations where you don’t say everything.

6. Your relationship is currently going through a favorable period

Yes, for a long time.
Neither too good nor too expensive.
No, you are going through a period of crisis.

7. Do you feel that there are people around you who look at you with envy?

Yes, you already know that many envy you.
It depends on the period you are going through.
No, you didn’t realize.

MOSTLY A: There are many who envy you
Congratulations! And a partner with whom you lead a married life that any woman would want. Everyone has noticed how well you both understand each other and admire and envy yourself at the same time for your luck. Form the ideal couple, being a true example for many of your acquaintances, regardless of the opinion of those around you, it is important that you love each other and that your relationship is a harmonious one.

MOSTLY B: You are looked at with admiration
Even if there are still friendly disputes between you, you have your moments of tenderness, which are much more frequent than quarrels. There are also people who envy you for the constant relationship you have, and others who comment on you whenever you have marital problems. Stop exposing all your feelings and they will have nothing to comment on or to envy you. Be more discreet!

MOSTLY C: You are sympathetic to those around you
If when you met you felt that you were made for each other, well, in time, it seems that your relationship has changed. If you want the couple’s life to enter a new, more positive stage, it would be advisable to find out what are the causes that brought you to this point, if you have nothing in common with each other. You may end up having the enviable relationship again from the beginning of your love.

Test: Do you have an unrivalled relationship ?