Six different types of love or different attitudes towards love and romantic relationships were accepted, accepted by a large number of researchers. These attitudes are

  1. erotic (love-passion, intense);
  2. playful (love-game);
  3. storgic (friendly love);
  4. pragmatic (practical love);
  5. “maniac” (dependent love);
  6. agapic (altruistic love).

Erotic love is an idealistic one, as it lacks the realistic perception of the partner, of one’s own person, of the relationship and of the situation. It is based on false or naive images. People who love in this way tend to “see the world in pink”, to be very romantic and passionate.

Playful love – in this type pleasure comes from play, fun and less from sexual activity. The playful is not preoccupied with knowing the partner and self-disclosure of his own person, being eager for variation, fantasy and seduction.

Storgic love is usually relaxing, devoid of passion and intense emotions. This type of love often involves a long history of mutual support, warmth and deep self-disclosure. Lovers like to discuss everything together, and their sexual relationship starts late.

Pragmatic love – people choose their partner according to practical criteria, very clear, taking into account social class, income, interests, etc. The relationship can continue and the person belonging to this type can be considered in love as long as the relationship is profitable.

Manic” love is specific to people who feel a great need for someone, being a combination of erotic and playful love. These are individuals who feel insecure, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. They are extremely possessive, jealous and want their intense feelings to become mutual.

Agapic love is unconditional, unselfish, being a combination of erotic and storgic love. It is complete, unselfish love that has the ability to suffer continuously without expecting anything in return.

Types of love or attitudes towards love