There are men who make you dream far away, but just stay with your dreams. There are men who don’t promise you anything, but they do a lot. And yet, there are those men who promise nothing because they know that’s all they’ll offer you: nothing. How many times have we, as women, wondered what qualities we should look for in a man? We know that love does not have a recipe, but I also know that there are some necessary ingredients.

If you want a serious relationship with someone, and not just a back-and-forth game, then you should know that a man who respects you:

  1. He always comes on time. Or delay a few minutes at most. A man who respects you will not let you wait too long, because he is already looking forward to seeing you again anyway, and that as soon as possible!
  2. He’ll call you if she says he does. Here are two categories of men: those who call, and those who always forget. The second category is always playing with your nerves, because you are constantly waiting for the phone. I think a man of his word, with whom you can consider having a future, if he says he’s calling you, he always does. And if he can’t, at least he’ll give you a message to apologize.
  3. He is not canceling plans, sometimes without your knowledge. An impatient man to see you will not cancel any plan without a good reason, especially from one day to the next, or from one hour to the next. If he has this habit, he should give you food for thought. Definitely not one of his priorities!
  4. When he takes you out in town (if he takes you out), YOU are the center of attention. Not the phone he always buttons, not the people who call or text him, not his friends and not anything else. If you went out for coffee with him, and YOU were somewhere in the background, I’d say finish your coffee and leave. It’s not serious, and I don’t think you have time for games.
  5. It don’t go many days without looking for you. For a person you are important to, it will be too difficult to play that “I’m looking for you today, and I’m not looking for you for 4 days” game. Even if you don’t see yourself, I think that at least a message with “good morning” or “good night” is not so difficult to give. If I’m just looking for you from time to time, it means you have something he needs, or you’re just a person he spends his time with to get over it.
  6. He pays attention to the details you give him. Whether it’s a story, the fact that your brother has a problem, that your cat has died, or that you have to take pills, he’ll remember, and he’ll even wonder if everything’s okay. If he doesn’t, it means that what you tell him goes in one ear and out the other. In the end, you take him as it is, if you like him so much. But would you like to ask yourself who spend the time with when he’s away from home and he doesn’t answer the phone, and you can’t trust him? It’s pretty simpleā€¦ if a man likes you, he’s looking for you. If he wants you, he asks you. If he has plans for the future with you, he respects you. If he’s in love, he looks at you like he’s precious. If he has serious thoughts, he introduces you to his friends, his family, he doesn’t keep you hidden. Why not settle for more attention crumbs?
What to look for … in a man