Often, people who are unlucky in love make a big mistake that condemns them to loneliness. Whenever they try to make a new relationship, they resort to the same mistakes they made before. So no wonder they end up in unhappy relationships.

A fulfilled relationship involves accepting the other with good and bad. Perfection should not be sought in the couple, because it does not exist. If something displeases your loved one, communicate. Talk to her, because there is definitely a solution in everything. Don’t let her flaws overwhelm you and cause you to make decisions that you may later regret.

Why some people are unlucky in love. The answer will surprise you
Many studies have been done on this subject. Over time, “n” reasons for separations have been sought. Perhaps one of the most interesting studies is published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. This study shows that some people are unlucky in love because they only see the flaws of the loved one. Or, a person’s negative parts need to be understood and, where appropriate, improved. Not criticized or become the reason for the separation of a couple.

When people wonder why their love affair is not working, most focus on the flaws of their life partner. This habit is quite harmful because it leads to the breakup of the relationship. Instead of telling her how beautiful she is, you pay attention to the fact that her hair is disheveled or that the manicure should be done. Seemingly tiny things, they can become the reason for quarrels between you and parting, in the end.

How to attract luck in love
Luck in love has two very important aspects. If you want to have a long-term relationship, first of all, accept the person as he is, without thinking too much about defects, but about qualities. Second, never compare the present with the past. Forget about past memories and make room for the present that can be extremely beautiful for you.

Why you’re not lucky in love. What a major mistake many people make.