Almost everyone wants to know how to attract more money using the techniques of the Law of Attraction. However, you may have since discovered that money-raising techniques are more confusing than you expect. If you want to know how to build wealth quickly, you must first master six easy exercises.

We will present these exercises below and also explore how to attract money fast- 6 exercises to attract money and wealth

Step 1. Focus on abundance
Attract more of what you focus on. So if you spend more time focusing on the abundance you have, you could attract more. There are many ways to do this. For example: Keep a journal and get used to writing down 1-5 things every day that you are grateful to have. Close your eyes for 3-5 minutes, spending all your time living the deepest feelings of gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Step 2. Stop being critical
When you try to attract abundance, your inner critic will often tell you that you can’t. Sometimes he will even tell you that you don’t deserve to be rich. For example, when you worry, “I don’t think I’ll ever be successful enough to make money,” firmly say, “Everyone can be successful enough to make huge amounts of money.” If necessary, use a thought-provoking technique, such as saying “Stop” aloud.

Step 3. Spend according to your values.
Another of the best ways to raise money is to make sure you spend the wealth you have on things that really matter. When you live in the right way, you develop a much more positive relationship with money.

Step 4. Smell the money
Although it may sound strange at first, use the Law of Attraction for money and wealth if you connect with the smell of money. When you do this, you align your own vibration with wealth and abundance. As you do this, imagine that you have all the wealth you need.

Step 6. Get rid of the fear of success
Many people mistakenly sabotage themselves. So at some level you may be afraid of what will happen if you attract money! Don’t think about it and be positive. You have nothing to lose.

How to attract money and wealth with the law of attraction